Gestapo (FBI) raid a former Presidential residency!

Finally the fascist-socialist governing faction has shown their true hand at political intimidation. For six years the so called Democrat Party has tried to preponderate a Coup D’eta, false information,lies, twice impeachments that failed wit lack of evidence, prosecuting any one associated with the Republican Party, using all the tactics that are echo’s of 1920’s and 30’s of NAZI Germany, 1910’s and 20’s of Soviet Leninist Russia. Who is in control of our nation? it’s not Joe Biden, that fool is too feeble, senile and demented. Whom ever gave this order, and for a action such as this HAD TO BE SANCTIONED BY THE WHITE HOUSE!

Gӧring and Himmler and Beria must be having a great laugh in hell watching this. Clinton’s can destroy 30,000 emails on a nongovernmental server, lie to congress about Benghazi, Biden’s drug deals (I wonder if there is a cartel connection here), selling favors to Russia, China for monetary gain ( selling out U.S.). Members of Congress lying under oath about disinformation in an effort to unseat a elected President of the United States.

The entire governmental systems have devolved into the same government that we have watched  formed in the suppressive socialist countries, the fascist ruling party feels immunized against any condemnation for these acts. The so called news media  are so indoctrinated with the authoritarian ideology as a propaganda platform that I’m sure that they will crow with glee, treating the population as the have always, as totally ignorant.

The only thing the D.O.J. is lacking, are the Black Uniforms with Lighting insignia. The FBI has lost all credibility as a law enforcement agency, but renewed my assumption as being the secret state police.

Democrats are turning this nation into a very bad ‘B’ movie.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…..2022-08-08 The Commentary Gazette

Insurrection: Government calling on populace to riot!

Chuck Schumer; Nancy Pelosi; Maxine Waters; AOC and numerous other Members of the United States Congress, Plus the current ruling Socialist-Fascist White House administration, calling for ignoring the Supreme Court ruling and threatening the Justices of that court with the “Whirl wind“.. “You ain’t seen nothing yet….to hell with the Supreme Court“. The same climate of anarchy prevailed in Russia in 1917 when Lenin promoted revolution, also in the 1920’s and early 1930′ German when Hitler forced the Wiemar government to surrender governmental control to the Nazi’s. No one should be surprised at the reaction or call for an uprising, this climate has been a constant threat to any actions contrary to the DEMOCRATIC agenda. Assaults on government building; attempted “coup” twice in the United States Congress of the former President, using the Department of Justice (FBI) as a secret state police.

Jane Revenge openly calling for a “night of rage” with out a condemnation from any administration agency, is unacceptable. Jane Revenge, Ruth Sent Us, for months have been attacking and destroying Pro-Life sites and Christian churches, again with out any response from the administration? So, domestic terrorism apparently isn’t a major concern as long as it is falls within the realm of government ideology, that seems so authoritarian to me.

For the last six years, I for one, have watched the old Democrat Party sink into what some use to call a third world despotism. Perhaps it had always been on the cuspid of being this, up till 2016 I had been a devoted Democrat voter, no longer can I tolerate their agenda of one party rule. I can not tolerate their lack of interest of protecting the citizens of this country, by protecting anarchist (antifa……BLM..etc.) with defund the police, or releasing criminals with out punishment while ignoring the law, and attempting to disarm the populace. Their stupidity of working economics has destroyed the American commerce, the U.S. dollar, and the spending power of the American worker, with seeming little concern for the results and living in bubble of denial of any responsibility of their actions.

I agree the Republic is under attack and democracy is imperiled, but from the Democratic Party. You decide.

shall have more to say about all of this , LATER>

Thank you for taking the time to read this……..2022-06-25

American Justice under siege by insurrectionist

Anarchist for the last month have besieged certain Justice’s of the U. S. Supreme Court by forming cordons around their homes, in an terrorist attempt to frighten them and their families in a act of intimidation and fear, to enforce the out come of a judicial ruling. Pro-abortionist incited by the fascist congress (Gӧring/Chuck Shumer; Gӧbbles/ Nancy Pelosi) speeches to inflame the crowds for their self gratification. Insurrectionist use assassination (the attempt on Justice Kavaugh) as a tool to force their will, intimidation on large corporations to propagate their narrative of subversion and ideologically supposed norms.

The immigrant’s crossing the southern border are running head long in to the same type of government from which they are trying to escape. So their political freedoms in the U. S. will be a thing of the pass, if the ‘Brown Shirts’ are continued to march in mob violence with the law enforcement being restrained.

Democracy is surely in danger in the United States, but it’s more so from the anarchist within the government (the so called Democratic party).

If abortion is a matter of a “it’s my body, my choice”, then why is suicide is against the law? It’s still a matter of who’s body is it, and as a health matter, murder is still murder no matter how you attempt to redefine it or justify. But I have a sympathetic feeling toward the marchers if their mothers had aborted or fathers committed suicide, they would be free from the pain of a supposed persecution forcing them to march and chant in an attempt to subvert the government which gave them the freedom to be subversive.


Thank you for taking the time to read this……….2022-06-13

The Congressional Show trial of Donald J Trump

After two false impeachments of President Donald John Trump which resulted in no true bills, the fascist-communist ruling party of the United States government, while retaining the ability to continue in their hateful vendetta, with the public being informed about the “Russian Hoax” of Hillary Clinton, have only a so called insurrection of 6 January 2021. One party rule shows the true ambitions of the Democrat party, Dictatorial control. The Roman Emperors ruled for centuries under the illusion of a Senatorial republic.

The 6 January congressional committee has been an open joke since it’s formation, all the partisans (each one supported the Trump impeachments) Adam Schiff who lied about the Russian hoax, claiming empirical prove, which he failed to present. Liz Chenny (looking so haggard as though she had a gun shoved in her back) the turn coat republican for one other reason than Trump telling the truth about her father. The others ‘Trump haters’ for the entire presidential term.

Why? You really have to ask? The current president with a 33% APPROVAL rating. Gas prices doubling every year. Inflation already at 8.6 %, this is if you find any thing on the shelf. People afraid to walk the city streets, afraid enjoy the summer evenings sitting in the yard after the sun goes down. Business losing merchandise to brazen looters in broad day light. People afraid to ride public transit. Offended by the stench of Democratic ruled cities from the homeless encampments and open air drug markets and usages. Pissed about watching anarchist marches in front of the Supreme Court Justices homes, demanding them to bow to the will of the mob, than the law. Immigration, a shambles, drugs and thousands illegals crossing every day, the administration being silent, why, 15,000 (38 miles long caravan) boldly marching with televised coverage, and no response from Washington. There is more but finally the the feeble senile president appearing on national television speaking of a mini-civil war, what the hell is that.

The banner of this site explains it all, Lincoln at times was a very wise man. The founders new that there may come a time where we as a country would arrive at the cross roads we now face, that is why they wrote the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, destroyed those and liberty will follow.

The Democratic party will do anything, lie, fabricate evidence, prosecute anyone and jail them ruin their lives and their family, to remain in power until they achieve the agenda of implementing laws to complete their overthrow.

Putin as some one once said “wakes up as Stalin and goes to bed as Peter the Great”, Biden ‘wakes up as Alfred E. Neuman and goes to bed as the one who flew over the coo-coo nest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this………2022-06-10

Propagandizing the so called January 6th insurrection

When has Congress ever broadcast it’s investigated results on television during prime time viewing? Never to my knowledge. BUT, the corrupt ruling socialist-democrat party plan to do just that, giving me the feeling of living in a third world authoritarian country. The intent is clear, to impress upon national the population, that there was an attempt to over throw the government on January 6th 2021 in the national capital. What had begun as anon-violent protest, turned in to an assault on the capital building. I condemn the unlawful actions and results of the protest, I hardly see it as a insurrection.

There wasn’t any armed actions other than the security forces using their weapons, causing the death of one female protester. There where no declarations of rebellion, of secession, or of a announcement of the formation of rebel army taking control, so where is the insurrection. Yet the same corrupt and anarchist political party and mass-media condone four years of rioting by hundreds even thousands in the city streets across the nation, burning, looting, killing, attacking government building, as peaceful protests, when in fact they were an attempt to topple the duly elected federal government. The Socialist-Democrat party has no bounds in their attempts to subvert the the U. S. Constitution, to control the narrative (how ignorant and blatant attempt of a coup than two impeachment trials, really) to achieve total and complete one party rule. Think about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this….2022-06-07

Remembering the brave: D-Day 6th June 1944

In the half light of morning fighting sea swells of freezing waves crashing over the ramps, men of the United Nations crouched, soaked through; fighting sea sickness; pushing back the fear of facing sudden death. Clutching their weapons tightly, waiting for the landing craft to beach, the ramp to fall, and their fate to step in a hell of death and destruction where there wasn’t any place to hide. This was D-Day, 6th of June 1944, hundreds of thousands of young men would face death in the next few hours, in the horrors of war, un-explainable to any that were not there.

Once again the youth of the democracies and freedom loving peoples of the world, marched to drum beat of liberty. Facing the bleak prospect of surviving the beachhead, with courage and valor their only support across that field of death, they did not flinch, but braved the gun fire and assaulted the enemy fortifications, some making their last foot steps in life, others becoming maimed for life by shot and shell.

Mothers, Fathers, wives, children, sisters and brothers will remember this date with a unending sorrow and grief from their loss. Dreams shattered, hearts broken, memories scared for the rest of their lives.

Thousands rushing into instant death, giving up their tomorrows for our today’s, tens of thousand stepping into a day of history that the world recalls with that eternal sadness and loving remembrance for their sacrifice, for their heroic dedication to Freedom.

Never forget the courage and sacrifice of all those that fought for all that we enjoy today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this….2022-06-06

Why Children’s Education is so important

The following is part of an post that was never completed but with the argument over CRT I felt compelled to post it now, it rings as true a warning today as it was 80 years ago. Information taken from the official transcripts of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials 1945-46.

Nuremberg War Trials 1945-46: Vol. 2 (pg. 207 Doc / 212 pdf)

NAZI Education (Hitler Youth)

 Hitler publicly announced this purpose in November 1933, and I am quoting from Document 2455-PS.  He said:

“When  an opponent  declares,  ‘I  will  not  come  over  to  your  side,  and  you  will  not  get  me  on  your  side’,  I  calmly  say, ‘Your  child  belongs  to  me  already.  A people lives forever.  What are you?  You will pass on.  Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camps. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community’.”

He further said in May 1937, and I refer to Document Number 2454-PS:  

“This  new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself  take  youth  and  give  to  youth  its  education  and  its  own upbringing.”  

The  first  steps  taken  in  making  the  German  schools  the  tools of  the  Nazi  educational system  were  two  decrees  in  May  1934, whereby  the Reich  Ministry  of  Education  was  established  and the control  of  education  by  local  authorities  was  replaced  by  the absolute  authority  of  the Reich  in  all  educational  matters.  These decrees are set out in Documents 2078-PS, 2088-PS, 2392-PS.  There-after,  the  curricula  and  organization  of  the  German  schools  and universities were modified by  a  series of  decrees in order to make these  schools  effective instruments  for  the  teaching  of  Nazi doctrines.

The Civil Service Law of  1933, which  was presented in evidence yesterday, made it possible for the Nazi  conspirators  to re-examine thoroughly  all  German  teachers  and  to  remove  all  “harmful  and unworthy  elements”,  harmful  and  unworthy  in  the  Nazi  opinion.

Many teachers and professors, mostly Jews, were dismissed and were replaced with State-spirited teachers.  All teachers were required………..

Thank you for taking the time to read this…..2022-06-03

Lying Joe and his propaganda news conference

Date line June 03 2022: Acting President Joe Biden held a economic news conference today again blaming every one other that his self ( Trump, Putin, the rich) out lining a administration plan for Americans to survive by spending their savings account. Blaming the Russo-Ukrainian War, the supply chain on the food shortages,raising gas prices, on Putin, ignoring the the poor planning concerning the idiotic Green New Deal. Trillions of debt, while crowing about his outstanding job performance (are only in his own White House cheering section) in all sectors of the economy, unbelievable. The rest of the Joseph Goebbels dialog filled with begging the Arabs for more oil, thus raising even higher the price at the pump instead of encouraging domestic output. So, nothing new, nothing indicating a plan to tackle the problem, yet again fueling the fires of approaching recession.

Thank you for taking the time to read this….2022-06-03

United States Constitution: Why?

The Constitution was enacted to protect and govern. Protect the common citizen from the over reach of the government and the rich elite. The two most Amendments that the present governing body and the ultra rich, want most to destroy, are 1) freedom of speech, so that only the the prevailing government view is allowed (democrats would love this one done away with) as in Russia, China, North Korea ect.. 2) the right to bear arms, this one is objectively aimed at preventing the government from becoming a totalitarian state as in the afore mentioned (1).

Most Americans are ignorant of the reasoning behind each of the Amendments to the U. S. Constitution. Why, because the educational system for decades has promoted only one thing, hate of country, and neglected the teaching of social studies and the why we became independent.

People like the ones on the television show “the view”… and most main stream news medias (hosted by the ultra rich), who don’t care what the common people think, and expect you to take their opinions as gospel, view the abolition of the 1st and 2nd Amendments as key to their maintaining an elite status above the commoners. Truthfully they don’t really care, what are their charities, how are they helping the homeless, the hungry, the mentally impaired? They mouth their fake out rage at the events of the day, spew their demented and unfounded advice with out offering to explain the causes to which are the problems. Do they set, congratulate each other on another fantastic bullshit session, check the shows ratings (because this is their reason for being here and plan on cashing that pay check), then proceed on with their ultra lifestyles.

The first 10 Amendments are called the Bill of Rights, for all Americans, not just the rich, not just the poor, you what equity and equality, the Constitution gives it to you, to every one treated as the same. To those who want to destroy it, can only be for one reason, they do not want every one equal, they want to be and feel superior. You can’t do that with every one equal.

So the next time those in the ivory towers demand that you obey, question their motive and ask what benefit this would be to you. They won’t have an answer. This is only an Opinion. You decide.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…..2022-05-27

Henry Kissinger: Resistance is futile

His prospective on aggression in the world, what a bad joke. His advice to the WEF the same as what he gave at the Paris Peace meets of the 1970’s concerning the Vietnam war, Surrender. He has always been over rated as a world actor on the global stage. With his last comments concerning Ukraine, I’ve begun to wonder just who’s side he’s been on? Ukraine is fighting for its freedom against Russian aggression, that’s plain. If the western world concedes defeat then not only will Putin be embolden but also XI will take Taiwan, and Kim may even attempt to take South Korea, why not, with Kissinger advising not to resist, thing are simpler. Best thing for that defeatist old man to do is SDSTFU, and call Kerry another of a like mindless. Why is Kissinger even being quoted any longer? He and Nixon sold out the United States in the 70’s, it’s wasn’t the brave men and women who served their tours and, with some that gave their all in doing so, it was the idiots politicians lost the war. Perhaps he see’s in the Biden administration the same ignorant ineptitude as that prevailed during his time as Secretary of State. Causing him to offer his unwanted and asinine opinions. His fat ass in that soft comfortable chair is worthless in today’s world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this….2022-05-25